First public beta (r.0.2) is out

We are happy to announce the first public prototype release (v0.2) of our GraphSense tool, which allows exploration of virtual currency ecosystems such as Bitcoin. It is now available at: We have learned a lot from initial user feedback and have been working hard on improving things and implemented some key features: A better user Read more about First public beta (r.0.2) is out[…]

Processing the blockchain with Apache Spark

Emerging cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin provide a unique opportunity to gain insight into uses and evolution of a currency over a period of time, which is now almost 6 years. This is important for understanding digital currencies systems and could also inform development of novel empirical economic models. However, the blockchain has passed the 400K boundary and each Read more about Processing the blockchain with Apache Spark[…]

What to expect from GraphSense

The overall goal of GraphSense is to provide a real-time analytics solution for detecting anomalies (e.g., fraud) in financial transaction data. In contrast to other solutions, it should bridge the gap between fiat (e.g., EUR) and virtual (e.g., Bitcoin) digital currency transactions and apply a network-centric perspective on the anomaly detection problem. Development has started and a first Read more about What to expect from GraphSense[…]